Schnockflowbervest Autumn Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit


Awesome Autumn Amber Celebratory Ale!

Recipe Style: Autumn Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit  (AKA Märzen Oktoberfest Extract Beer Recipe Kit)

What does this beer taste like?

Glad you asked.  Our Schnockflowbervest Autumn Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit is actually a German Märzen-style Oktoberfest but fermented as an ale, which makes your life easy, and like classic Märzen Oktoberfests, this brew has a rich, malty character with a delightful blend of toasty, bready notes, balanced by a gentle bitterness and a smooth finish. The overall impression is one of softness, elegance, and complexity, with a satisfying malty aftertaste that is the definition of drinkability.

ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 22

And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....

More fun than slipping on a schnitzel (don't hurt the wiener) and landing with those lederhosen on a soft pretzel (sorry about those mustard stains on your butt!), this autumn classic will lift those spirits and lighten those feet, and soon you'll be doing the chicken dance (Congratulations, you've just been evicted from the Oktoberfest. Real Germans don't do the chicken dance). Who says an Oktoberfest must be a lager (if those Reinheitsgebot weenies give you any grief, just send 'em our way.)? This utterly festive and delicious amber ale is an awesome alternative to a lager's cool fermentation and months of cold aging. In as little as five weeks, you'll be enjoying this fine ale's toasty maltiness, creamy texture and invigorating hop bitterness. But if you want to protect yourself from the chicken legs, keep yourself from getting schnockerd on Schnockflowbervest!

All About Autumn Ale (in this case, Märzen!)

Märzen, simply put, embodies the essence of a the German Oktoberfest. Traditionally brewed as a lager (though in our example an ale), Märzen exudes an inviting aroma of toasty, caramelized malts. The first sip reveals a chorus of flavors where rich maltiness takes center stage, with layers of toasted bread and subtle hints of sweetness. This malt complexity is the hallmark of Märzen, giving it a depth that captures the spirit of autumn.

Bitterness in Märzen is appropriately balanced, contributing a subtle counterpoint that prevents the malt from becoming overly dominant. The beer's finish is crisp and well-attenuated, leaving a clean and refreshing impression.

What truly sets Märzen apart is its commendable balance. The soft elegance of its malt character harmonizes with the restrained bitterness and smooth finish, creating a beer that's both flavorful and easy to enjoy. Despite its full flavor, Märzen remains remarkably drinkable, meaning you can have a few and still walk away, which we beer-drinkers will attest makes a damn-fine beer-drinking experience!

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