Absofuckinglutely Session IPA Extract Beer Recipe Kit



A kick-ass session IPA for when you're absofuckinglutely going to have more than one!

Recipe Style: Session IPA Beer Making Extract Recipe Kit

What does this beer taste like? 
We're glad you asked.  Our Absofuckinglutely Session IPA Extract Beer Recipe Kit offers all-day drinkability with a prominent citrusy and floral flavors, balanced by subtle piney notes. It's what you expect for all-day drinkability.

Recipe Size: 5 Gallons
Original Gravity: 1.044
Final Gravity: 1.009
ABV: 4.6%
Color: 6 SRM
IBU: 43
Ready In: 4 Weeks
Starter: Not really, but why not? Maybe you're afraid.
2 Stage: Helpful

And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....

We don't want to exhaust your mental faculties, but is there actually a wrong answer to this question: "Excuse me, but would you like another IPA?" Let's think about that. Blushing, you could reply, "Oh no, I might get tipsy, so I'd better stick with my Shirley Temple." Or perhaps you could say, "Hee hee, no, I'll just have a virgin Grasshopper with a spritz of chocolate sprinkles." Finally, you could answer, "Golly, even that fizzy yellow light beer will go straight to my hips, so instead I'll just have a Crystal Light with three red ripe raspberries." Hell no! You would never babble such blasphemy, so let's come back to reality! Look man, what's in your pint represents the Platonic form of all-day-drinkability all bundled nicely with cold condensation, delectable malt, balanced bitterness and such kick-your-ass, over-the-top hop flavor and aroma that the correct words will flow effortlessly from your tongue, so let's try it again: "Excuse me, but would you like another IPA?" Get ready now and say it loud and say it proud: "Absofuckinglutely!"

All About Session IPAs

A session IPA is a beer style that combines the hop-forward flavor and aroma of an American-style IPA with a lower alcohol content, making it a more sessionable and easy-drinking beer.

The term "session" refers to the idea that the beer can be consumed in multiple servings or "sessions" without causing the drinker to become too intoxicated or overwhelmed by the beer's intense flavor. Session IPAs typically have an alcohol content of 4-5% ABV (alcohol by volume), which is lower than traditional IPAs that can have alcohol content ranging from 6-8% ABV.

Despite the lower alcohol content, session IPAs still maintain the bold hop character of an IPA, with a focus on American hop varieties that contribute fruity, citrusy, and piney flavors and aromas. The beer is typically light-bodied and easy-drinking, with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Session IPAs are a relatively new beer style that emerged in the craft beer scene in the 2010s as a response to the growing popularity of IPAs, and the desire for a more approachable and less intoxicating version of the style. They're a great choice for all sorts of occasions where you desire a flavorful and refreshing beer, and you want to drink a few, without worrying about the high alcohol content of a traditional IPA.

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