We like to ferment things. Lots of things. Our idea of excitement is running around the yard screaming and yelling and waving packets of yeast, trying to find something sugary to sprinkle it on. And above all else, we’re about having fun, which makes us happy. And wanting to be happy makes us want to make you, the customer, happy. Because when you are happy, we are happy. And following our philosophy of wanting everyone to be happy, don’t expect to find here some mind-numbing, teeth-grinding, sleep-inducing corporate-speak mission statement, (okay, if you’re quasi-masochistic and want to read some dull stuff, you can find a splattering of that jazz in our policies section, but very little and still sprinkled with fun), but you can expect us to do what we do best, and that is offering you, a fellow devotee of the fermentation arts, really awesome stuff served with pride and sprinkled with no shortage of fun. And because we’re all a bunch of corporate dropouts, we take pride in not having to work for The Man, or better yet, whenever possible, getting to stick it to The Man. Of course, technically speaking, being self-employed makes us The Man, so I suppose we gain some strange satisfaction in sticking it to ourselves. Regardless, fermenting things is a hobby, and our hobbies should be fun. So thanks for trudging through this painfully dull philosophy statement, and let us do our best to make your fermentation endeavors a happy experience!