Tropical Wave Golden Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit


Kona Big Wave Clone

Recipe Style: Blonde Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit 


Original Specific Gravity: 1.039 - 1.043
Final Specific Gravity: 1.007 - 1.011
Alcohol by Volume: 4.4%
Color: 5 SRM (This gold solves all troubles!)
International Bittering Units: 21
Time to Awesome Drinkability: 4 Weeks!


This beer is a Clone of Kona Big Wave

Tropical  Wave Golden Ale  is a light golden ale with a subtle fruitiness and delicate hop aroma. It is a smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale. The lightly roasted honey malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer and also gives a slight sweetness that is balanced out with a blend of Citra and Mosiac hops.

And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....

In the lazy warmth of the late afternoon sky, the sun eases into an amber aura as the big waves roll up the golden beach in alluring scintillations. Within the shadow of a line of surfboards propped in the sand, your toes stretch towards the water as you recline on your beach chair, where you drink from your glass of this delightful golden ale, which features the harmonious blend of light malt, subtle caramel and the delicate hop character of Galaxy and Citra that imparts hints of tropical fruit and citrus, evoking the all-day drinkability of the Hawaiian experience.

All About American Blonde Ale

American Blonde Ale is a beer style that originated in the United States and is a variation of the classic Blonde Ale style. It is a light-bodied beer with a pale to golden color, and a clean, crisp flavor profile that emphasizes the use of American hops.

American Blonde Ales typically have a moderate hop bitterness and aroma, with notes of citrus, pine, and floral flavors. They also have a mild to moderate malt character, with a slight sweetness that balances the hop bitterness. Some American Blonde Ales may also have added fruit or spice flavors, such as apricot or honey, to create a more complex and unique flavor profile.

Compared to Belgian Blonde Ales, American Blonde Ales are typically less spicy and more straightforward in flavor. They are also often lighter in body and alcohol content, making them a popular choice for a sessionable beer that can be enjoyed during social events or outdoor activities.

Overall, American Blonde Ales are a refreshing and easy-to-drink beer that pairs well with a variety of foods, from grilled meats and vegetables to spicy dishes and salads. They are a great choice for those who enjoy a lighter beer with a moderate hop flavor and aroma.