Summer of Love Blood Orange Fruit Wheat Extract Beer Recipe Kit


Recipe Style: Fruit Wheat Beer

ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 15


What does this beer taste like?

Satisfying like a summer sunset, the wheat malt base provides a smooth and malty backdrop for a touch of caramel and the vibrant notes of juicy blood orange, adding a refreshing and zesty quality.

And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....

Do you remember the Summer of Love, with peace signs, bell-bottoms, and flowers in your hair?  If you've answered "yes," then obviously you're lying, because first of all, you probably hadn't even been born yet, and second, if you are old enough to have lived through the Summer of Love, you would've been so cranked  on mind-expanding psychedelic substances that you wouldn't remember it anyway.  But no worries, because now you can create your own dreamy summertime memories with a frosty pint of this blood orange ale.  Gaze for a moment at that beautiful auburn beer in your glass, and you’ll know that love is in the air, and take a sip of this silky-smooth brew, with the wheaty and bready malt flavors mingling seamlessly with the mesmerizing taste of blood orange, and your taste experience will be so profound, that, unlike the Summer of Love, you’ll have the added benefit of actually remembering it!

All About Fruit Beer

Fruit beers encompass a wide range of brews where fruit takes center stage, influencing the flavor and aroma profile. These beers span from light and invigorating to rich and multifaceted, offering an array of tastes and scents. Popular examples include cherry wheat beer and raspberry lambic.

The fruit beer flavors hinge on the specific fruit or spice used during brewing. Raspberries or cherries can contribute a sweet, tart, or subtly acidic character, while oranges or lemons infuse a citrusy or zestful note. When using fruits, sometimes the beer can develop excessive tartness from the fruit acids.  Thus, brewers will often use natural fruit flavors to produce a beer with the desired fruit flavor but without the undesirable sourness.

Successfully brewing fruit beers require a delicate balance between the fruit essence, malt, and hop elements. When done right, these beers boast synergistic flavors and complexity that make fruit beers one of the most popular styles among home brewers.