Rathskeller Kolsch Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit



Like Sunshine in Your Glass!

Recipe Style: German Kolsch Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit

ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 26

What does this beer taste like?  If we told you it tasted like a sip of sunshine in your glass, you'd say we were crazy.  So try this: our Rathskeller Kolsch Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit is a light and refreshing beer with a delicate balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. It has a subtle fruitiness and a clean, crisp finish that is characteristic of lager beers. The taste is clean and subtle, with a hint of floral and herbal notes from the use of noble hops. Rathskeller Kölsch is a smooth and easy-drinking beer that is perfect for warm weather or as a refreshing thirst quencher.


And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....


The sun burns bright in that cloudless blue sky, and the unusual summer swelter stirs mirages over the Rhine, and with the first beads of perspiration on your brow, you escape the heat by descending the stone stairs underground and ducking into the rasthskeller, where the refreshing cool air washes over your face. At your table you are immediately served a tall, narrow glass of this delightful Kölsch, and with the light beaming down from the street-level windows, it's as though you're holding a glass of sunshine. A subtle though welcoming aroma flitters over the creamy white head, greeting you with delicate fruitiness and noble hops, and your first, refreshing sip delivers soft, clean maltiness that fills your mouth with a crisp tang and eminently balanced noble hop bitterness. And as you place your empty glass upon the table and are immediately served another, you gaze upon that golden beauty and you realize you are beholding liquid satisfaction.


All About Kölsch

Kölsch is a beer style that originates from Cologne (Köln), Germany. It is a light, crisp, and refreshing beer that is characterized by its delicate balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. It has a light to medium body, with a straw-yellow to pale-golden color and a bright, clear appearance.

Kölsch is a top-fermented beer that is traditionally brewed with a specific yeast strain, which gives the beer its unique flavor profile. It is fermented at a relatively warm temperature, between 15-20°C (59-68°F), and then lagered at a cool temperature for several weeks to produce a smooth, clean finish.

Kölsch has a subtle fruity and floral aroma, with a mild hop character that is not overpowering. It has a low to moderate bitterness, with a dry and slightly sweet finish. In Germany, Kölsch is typically served in a tall, narrow glass called a stange, which helps to showcase its delicate aroma and flavor.

Kölsch is a highly drinkable beer that is perfect for warm weather or as a refreshing break from heavier beer styles. It is a popular beer style in Germany and has gained popularity around the world due to its balanced flavor profile and easy-drinking nature.