Monkey Finger Vanilla Porter Extract Recipe Kit



Roasty with mocha & vanilla!

ABV:  7.1
COLOR:  45
IBU:  32

Get that finger out of your ear—you don’t know where that finger’s been! But seriously, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what you did at the zoo to evoke that monkey’s finger. And what better a way to acknowledge a furball primate’s obscene gesture that to tilt a pint of this murky black beauty? And though that monkey might pick lice and stink like a barnyard, this luscious porter will exude an aroma of such tempting roastiness that your tongue will intervene, where it will be rewarded with the unraveling of flavors, featuring mocha, coffee, dark fruits and toffee, all finally upstaged by velvety vanilla! Yeah, we know how you offended that monkey—while he was innocently swinging in the tree, contemplating his banana, you rubbed it in by chugging a pint right in front of his face. Well, what’d ya expect? It’s hard to beat Monkey Finger Vanilla Porter—even if it gets you the finger!

Brewer's Note:  To brew this beer, the brewer will need to add 2-3 Tbs. of vanilla extract, which is not included with the kit.