Northern Lights Alaskan Amber Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit


Clone Recipe of Alaskan Brewing Company's Alaskan Amber Ale

Recipe Style: German Altbier Extract Beer Recipe Kit 

Alternative Style: Amber Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit 

(Yes, technically this beer is classified as a German Altbier, but because too many people are not familiar with the style, we're throwing in "Amber Ale" just to cover our bases.  So sue me).
ABV: 5.4%
IBU: 15


What does this beer taste like?

Our Northern Lights Alaskan Amber Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit is a medium-bodied beer with a rich and complex flavor profile. It begins with a malty sweetness with notes of caramel, which is balanced by a mild hop bitterness that adds a subtle spicy and floral flavor. The finish is clean and smooth, just the way you like it, when you crave more than one.

And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....

Well, there's nothing here yet simply because Jeff, the guy who writes all this stuff is lame and keeps forgetting to write a nice description. In fact, it's taking him more time to write this cheesy disclaimer than it would to just write the damn description!  It's not like this recipe has been around and loved for over 20 years.  Oh wait, it has, and if you think about it, that makes Jeff even more lame.  Someone should fire that guy.

All About German Altbier

German altbier, or simply "alt," is a top-fermented beer style that originated in Düsseldorf, Germany. Traditionally, its a type of ale that is fermented at a cooler temperature than other ales, which gives it a smooth and clean taste. The name "alt" means "old" in German, and refers to the traditional brewing methods used to make this beer.

Altbiers have a deep amber color and a rich, malty flavor with a prominent toasted bread and caramel taste. The beer is balanced by a moderate hop bitterness with a slight earthy and spicy flavor. The bitterness comes from the use of noble hops, which are known for their subtle, pleasant bitterness and floral aroma. Altbier is a well-rounded beer with a clean finish and a subtle fruity aftertaste.

Traditionally, alt is brewed using only four ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast. The use of local ingredients and traditional brewing techniques gives this beer a unique character that reflects the history and culture of the Düsseldorf region. Alt is typically served in small, narrow glasses called "stangen," which helps to accentuate its smooth and clean taste.  If you're looking for a flavorful and refreshing beer, then Altbier is a is an excellent style.