Tail Piece - 1/4" MFL



The ¼" MFL stainless steel tail piece is used for creating a quick connection when home brewers want to easily switch between a Sanke coupler and Corny-style (ball lock or pin lock) disconnects.  Sanke couplers have two barbed tail pieces—one on the “gas in” side and one on the “liquid out” side.  When creating this Sanke-to-Corny quick assembly, simply replace each of the existing Sanke barbed fittings with this ¼” MFL tail piece.  Then, when you want to switch from your Corny (ball lock or pin lock) disconnects, simply unscrew the swivel nuts from the gas and liquid disconnects and screw them on to their respective gas and liquid Sanky connectors.

Please note: when first screwing the swivel nuts onto this ¼” MFL tail piece, you must use a nylon flare washer with each swivel nut to prevent a metal-to-metal contact, which would leak both gas and liquid.