1/4” OD Barbed Swivel Nut Assembly



The swivel-nut-and-barb assembly is the most convenient method for attaching a beverage line to the disconnect of a Corny-style (ball lock or pin lock) keg.   The swivel-nut-and-barb assembly is preferred among home brewers for its ease of assembly and disassembly, which makes for easy cleaning of beverage lines. 

The swivel-nut-and-barb assembly will connect to any ¼” MFL fitting, including soda keg disconnects, CO2 regulators, and the ¼” MFL Sanke-to-Corny tail piece.  

You may use 3/16” beverage tubing with the ¼” swivel-nut-and-barb.  The 3/16” beverage tubing will fit tight, but it can be difficult to push over the hose barbs.  An easy trick is to dip the end of the beverage tubing in boiling water for a few seconds to heat and soften it.  Once hot, the 3/16” tubing will easily push over the ¼” hose barb.  Please note, when using any swivel-nut-and-barb assembly, we highly recommend using a worm-gear clamp to prevent leakage.

If you have a metal-to-metal connection, you will need a nylon flare washer to prevent leaks.