Nitrogen Regulator - Dual Gauge


A nitrogen regulator is the first step to adding that perfect nitro pour to your home kegging system.  The nitrogen regulator is used with the classic beer gas mixture (70% nitrogen and 30% oxygen) for the perfect nitro pour.  Although traditionally the nitro pour has been used with stouts and porters, the beer gas mixture may be used with any beer to achieve that creamy mouthfeel and classic, cascading head normally associated with stouts.  Please note: the nitrogen regulator may only be used with a nitrogen cylinder.  Also, to achieve that cascading pour, the beer gas must be used in conjunction with a stout faucet.


Product Details:

  • Dual-gauge regulator with internal check valve to prevent beer from shooting up the gas line
  • High pressure gauge range: 0-3000 psi
  • Dispensing pressure gauge range: 0-60 psi
  • Forward adjustment screw for regulating variable pressure
  • Male nut / nipple for connecting to a female nitrogen tank valve