Kiss My Dimpled Ass Red Ale Extract Recipe Kit


Pucker up, baby, because you're gonna love it!

ABV:  6.5
IBU:  26
COLOR:  12

Smack it with that perforated paddle and make it red, because after knocking back a few pints of this utterly delicious red ale, with its smooth malty-caramel goodness, enticing floral hoppiness and easy-on-the-eye redness, you’ll feel confident about telling all those “special” people in your life just what you really think.  For example, when the boss growls, “You’re gonna work through the entire weekend on the Johnson proposal,” you can hand him a frosty pint and say “Kiss My Dimpled Ass!”  Or when the wife says, “You know Honey, I don’t think you should be drinking beer and watching that football when those gutters need to be cleaned,” you’re already ready with an outstretched arm, saying, “There you go Dear.  Kiss My Dimpled Ass!”  And finally, when that pesky mother-in-law reminds you she thinks her daughter should’ve married the dentist, you can reassure her to the contrary with that luscious red ale and say, “Hey ‘Mom’, why don’t you straighten that wig.  And while you’re at it—Kiss My Dimpled Ass!”  There you go—you’ve got the hang of it!  Now you can celebrate with your cheeky grin and that sumptuous red ale, because you’ve taken control of your life by encouraging those special people around you to venture down deep to where that sun don’t shine and pucker up!