Juice Bomb Golden Ale



A Juicy Explosion in Your Glass!

ABV:  5.2%
IBU:  18
2 STAGE:  No
STARTER:  Optional

Ever hear the battle cry of the batshit-crazy hop fanatic on a quest for the latest and greatest juicy New England IPA? With eyes bugged out in a maniacal gaze, he will say, “I want my beer to be so over-hopped that it will taste like guava and orange and grapefruit and pineapple, and I want it to be as cloudy as orange juice!” And then in the same breath with a singular, sphincter-clenching declaration of puritanical douche-baggery, he will say, “And fruit doesn’t belong in beer.” Okay…Zippy—sounds like you’re a repressed juice-aholic dining on a side dish of denial. Look, let’s just cut out this over-the-top hop bullshit and go straight for the juice, because who are we kidding? We just want our beer to taste great. And that’s where Juice Bomb Golden Ale satisfies our lecherous needs for a juicy flavor blast. That lovely golden ale in the pint before you is a velvety-smooth excursion into a fruit-juicy explosion that will leave you with a silly giggle and have you seeing glittery singing unicorns that will serenade you with a ditty of how giddy your taste buds have become. (Okay, maybe that last part was a stretch, unless of course you have been “imbibing” in “something else” that may or not be legal—please consult with your local laws). Nevertheless, this golden brew is the ultimate drool-worthy refresher that will stimulate such obnoxious salivation that you should be required to wear a bib while you’re greedily grabbing for another beer!

Each recipe kit includes natural juice flavor, and you may choose between two options. Tropical Punch is a blend of guava, orange, pineapple and passionfruit. Citrus Sunshine is a blend of orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon.