Double Body CO2 Regulator - Three Gauge


Double your beer-flowing fun with this double body CO2 regulator.  This high quality regulator features two gauges so you can monitor both your dispensing pressure and how much CO2 you have remaining.  Works great for dispensing both home brew and commercial beer.  Double body regulators are commonly used when you are dispensing beers with two different carbonation levels.  For example, German Hefeweizens have higher carbonation levels than typical beers, so the dispensing pressure would also be higher than other kegs on tap.  Also, double body regulators are popular among home brewers who wish to force-carbonate one keg while at the same time dispensing beer from another keg.

Product Details:

  • Each body features a ball valve to prevent beer from shooting up the gas line
  • High pressure gauge range: 0-2000 psi
  • Dispensing pressure gauge range: 0-60 psi
  • Forward adjustment screw for regulating variable pressure
  • Female nut / nipple for connecting to a male CO2 tank valve