Beer Shank Assembly - Chrome Plated 4 1/8" Long, 3/16" bore BEER


The beer shank is the first step in constructing the homemade kegerator.   Our 4 1/8" shank is chrome plated and is the standard base upon which to mount a beer faucet.  The 4 1/8" long shank is also the standard length used when constructing the wooden collar for a keezer.  Mounting the shank requires a 7/8" diameter hole.

The standard shank assembly includes:

  • Universal coupling nut for mounting virtually any design of beer faucet
  • Decorative black plastic
  • Brass lock nut


Shanks works great in the refrigerator shank through-the-door setup.  If you are setting up the refrigerator shank through-the-door assembly, then you will need the additional parts listed below:

  • Beer Faucet
  • Tap Handle
  • Beer Shank Hex Nut
  • 3/16" Barbed Tail Piece
  • Neoprene Washer