CO2 Cylinder - 5 lbs


The most popular size for home beer dispensing!

The 5 lb CO2 cylinder is the most popular size for home beer dispensing.  The 5 lb designation means that the cylinders hold 5 lbs of liquefied CO2 when full.  The all aluminum cylinder is both lightweight and small, so it fits within most commercial or homemade kegerators.  A 5 lb CO2 cylinder can usually force carbonate and dispense seven to ten kegs.  Many home brewers who prime their kegs can dispense up to fifteen 5 gallon kegs on a single tank.  CO2 cylinders may be placed either inside or outside the refrigerator, and during usage, they must be standing upright.

All CO2 cylinders are shipped empty.  Here in our store, we have full CO2 tanks available, but if you do not live local, most welding supply shops will fill CO2 tanks. 

Warning: CO2 cylinders hold high pressure gas. During usage, the CO2 cylinder must remain in an upright position. In the event of leakage, CO2 cylinders should only be used in well ventilated areas.  During usage, please employ extreme caution.  CO2 cylinders require a regulator during usage.

Product Details:

  • Aluminum cylinder with high quality valve
  • Tare weight: approximately 7.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18 ¼” height by 5 ¼” diameter
  • Cylinder ships empty

During usage, the CO2 cylinder must be equipped with a CO2 regulator.   You may need the additional items listed below:

  • CO2 Regulator
  • Gas Manifold


Please note: CO2 cylinders may only be shipped within the contiguous 48 United States.  APO/FPO addresses are excluded.