Weyermann® Carahell Malt (10L)




Weyermann® CARAHELL® is a premium quality drum-roasted caramel malt crafted from fine two-row German barley. The name "CARAHELL®" translates to "light crystal," meaning that its an approximate 10L crystal malt from Weyermann®. This malt is known for its ability to enhance a beer's overall sensory profile.

Key Features of CARAHELL®:

  1. Fuller Body and Improved Aroma: Like all crystal or caramel malts, the use of CARAHELL® in brewing contributes to a fuller and rounder body in the beer. This malt also imparts a noticeable improvement in the beer's aroma, making it more appealing and richer.

  2. Enhanced Foam Stability: An important characteristic of CARAHELL® is its contribution to the stability and quality of beer foam, or in other words, a better head on your glass of beer.

  3. Golden to Copper Color: Depending on usage percentages, incorporating CARAHELL® into the brewing process imparts colors ranging from right golden to a deep, attractive copper.

  4. Gentle Caramel Flavor Notes: CARAHELL® produces a subtle yet distinct caramel flavor it. These gentle caramel notes complement a wide range of beer styles without overpowering other flavors.

  5. Versatility: CARAHELL® is suitable for use in various beer styles, including lager and ale styles, including hazy IPA. It is notably effective in enhancing the characteristics of Hefeweizen, among other types. Its versatility makes it a valuable ingredient for brewers looking to experiment with different styles while maintaining quality and consistency. You can basically think of it as 10L German crystal malt.

  • Lovibond: 8.1-11.8
  • Usage: up to 30% of malt bill
  • European Brewery Convention (EBC): 20-30
  • Moisture: 6.5-7.5%
  • Total Nitrogen: 10.5 - 12.5%
  • Percent Extract (dry basis): 74 - 79% 

Grain Ordering Notes

If you order the same grain in both pound and ounce quantities, then we will automatically package the combined total in a single bag.

If you are buying several different types of grain for a custom recipe and you would like us to combine them into a single bag, then upon checkout, in the “CUSTOMER NOTES” box, you can instruct us to combine all grains in a single bag.