Weyermann® Acidulated Malt




COLOR:  1.8

Acidulated malt is a pale malt that has been subjected to a lactic acid fermentation after kilning and a second finishing drying cycle. The lactic-acid bacteria reside naturally in the malt. Acidulated malt is used to reduce the pH value of the mash. It is specialty malt that allows brewers to control the mash pH levels without introducing conventional acidifiers

Acidulated malt is commonly used in all-grain brewing processes and combined with different types of fermentables, such as wheat malt or melanoidin malt . It can help you take the next step and start making great beer with nuanced flavor instead of just making good beer.

Weyermann® Acidulated Malt is a popular brand of acidulated malt that helps keep the mash in the correct pH range.

Grain Ordering Notes

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