Tail Piece - 3/16" Barb



Tail pieces are used to connect beverage line to a commercial beer coupler or a shank.   This chrome-plated tail piece has a 3/16” barb which is ideal for use with liquid beverage tubing also measuring 3/16” inner diameter.  The 3/16” diameter beverage tubing is a popular size, because the smaller inner diameter produces greater fluid resistance, which both promotes a smooth, non turbulent flow and a reduced faucet head pressure, resulting in a lower foaming pour, and let’s face it – a proper pour accelerates the rate at which that beer glass is going to travel to your mouth, where we’ll hear a glug, glug, glug sound.  Right?

Tail pieces are always used as an assembly, so you may need the additional parts listed below:

  • Beer Shank Hex Nut
  • Neoprene Washer
  • 3/16" ID Beverage Tubing
  • Worm Gear Clamp