Santas Little Helper Winter Warmer Holiday Ale Beer Brewing All Grain Recipe Kit



You have selected an all-grain beer recipe. to brew this recipe, you will require advanced brewing equipment for mashing, sparging, boiling and cooling.

Forget that jolly ho-ho-ho business.  If you think it’s easy being Santa, then you’d be wrong, because with the amount of daily madness that Santa has to endure, it’s a miracle he’s not drooling and batshit-crazy all bundled in a straight jacket in an insane asylum.  For example, Rudolph has become a prima donna and wants to bathe in buttermilk while sipping fizzy French mineral water, the elves are threatening to riot because the abominable snowman keeps cracking short-guy jokes, and—wouldn’t you know—Mrs. Claus has had a “headache” for the twenty-fifth consecutive day this month.  Fortunately, Santa has a workaround to this nuttiness with this utterly delicious and positively pacifying amber winter warmer.  Yep, at 8% alcohol, he may appreciate the velvety malt character, with the tempting bread crust flavors all swaddled in caramel sweetness, but he especially appreciates that little extra kick that helps power him through the day.  What’s more, Santa likes how this winter warmer comes in different flavors, which is especially handy in helping him cope with the day’s particular flavors of bullshit.  So take a cue from Santa and indulge yourself with great taste and holiday cheer where you melt away the seasonal insanity with the aid of your own little helper!

Optional Flavors: If you would like to an extra flavor to brew a spiced winter warmer, then choose your favorite flavor below!