Plastic Beer Faucet


Economical and convenient - the way you like it!

Are you new to home draft beer dispensing?  Then this economical beer faucet drops all financial barriers and gets you on your way to pouring beer right away!  You can tell your significant other, "Gee, Honey, it's only $3.99!  That means I can tap all twelve kegs that I've been talking about!"  Not only is this plastic beer faucet a cheap way to get started, it is great to have on hand if you are using an existing draft tower setup.  After all, sooner or later you're going to have the backyard barbeque, and you will not be lugging the refrigerator outside to drink beer.  Instead, plop your keg in an ice bucket and attach your plastic beer faucet.  The plastic beer faucet is also great when taking kegs out camping, canoing (we're not kidding) and mountain climbing!