Omega® Dried Lutra® Kveik


Lutra is shockingly clean with unrivaled speed when pitched at 90°F (32°C). The strain is perfect for brewing a refreshing pseudo-lager without the lead time of a lager. Lutra is your worry-free way to navigate the evolving demand for cold ones.

The same shockingly clean Lutra that you love in liquid form is now available in a convenient dry format. Dried Lutra's clean canvas, huge temperature range, high alcohol tolerance and fast finishing speeds means unrivaled flexibility and versatility for nearly any style. For a refreshing pseudo-lager or a huge imperial stout -- for any reason you're using a neutral dry yeast, use Dried Lutra and get more, faster.

Kveik is a Norwegian word meaning yeast. In the Norwegian tradition, kveik was preserved by drying and passed from generation to generation. Kveik is the original, traditional dried yeast! 

Beer Styles: This pseudo-lager strain is ideal for beers with a clean crisp finish.
Attenutation: 75-82
Fermentation Range: 68 to 95°F <----- That's no joke!
Flocculation: Medium to High
Alcohol Tolerance: 15% ABV