Muntons Wheat Dried Malt Extract


Muntons Wheat Dried Malt Extract is made from a blend of 50% brewing-quality wheat malt and 50% low-color spring barley malt. Here are the key points:

  1. Purpose:

    • Used as a water treatment in brewing.
    • Increases water hardness and lowers pH.
  2. Beer Applications:

    • Ideal for wheat beers.
    • Enhances hop flavor perception.
    • A primary salt for “Burtonizing” water (associated with classic pale ales like Bass).
  3. Brewing Tips:

    • Can replace wheat malt, torrefied wheat, or wheat flakes (1:1 replacement).
    • Improves body, mouthfeel, head formation, and retention in beer.

Remember, Muntons Wheat Dried Malt Extract is a versatile ingredient for homebrewing!