Hop Shot CO2 Hop Extract - 10 ml



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Hop Shots are syringes that contain 10 ml of heavily concentrated CO2 hop extract.   CO2 extracts are advantageous in brewing for several reasons.  First, because they contain none of the plant mass found in the leaf or pellet varieties, they do not absorb wort or leave behind any sediment in the kettle or fermenter.  Second, although CO2 hop extract will produce the same measurable IBUs as an equivalent bittering hop, the bitterness from the CO2 hop extract will be perceivably smoother.

Hop Shots are best stored cool and away from light.  Under these conditions, Hop Shots will have negligible alpha acid degradation.

10ml of Hop Shot CO2 extract boiled for 60 minutes in a 1.050 SG wort will produce 50 IBUs.  This is equivalent to using 1 oz of a bittering hop of approximately 16.3% alpha acid.

Current batch alpha acid: 61.1%