Hard Cider Making Kit - Beginner - 5 Gallon Brewing Kit



Make Hard Cider at Home

Easy Hard Cider Making

Just Add Cider!

  • Our Hard Cider Kit Includes all the necessary equipment to make hard cider at home.
  • No siphoning required! The included bottle filler & tubing make bottling a breeze.
  • The 8-gallon fermenting bucket has a large opening with plenty of room for fermentation.
  • Comes with simple, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the cider-making process. 

Our Hard Cider Brewing Kit is a comprehensive package designed for both novice and experienced brewers. It simplifies the brewing process by including all the essential equipment needed to produce hard cider. The kit eliminates the need for siphoning with its convenient bottle filler and tubing, making the bottling process straightforward and efficient 


Our Hard Cider Kit Includes:

  • 8 Gallon Bucket with Spigot
  • Airlock
  • Adhesive Thermometer 
  • Bottle Filler & Tubing
  • One Step No Rinse Cleanser
  • Bottle Capper for use with standard beer bottles (non-screw top)
  • 50 Bottle Caps
  • Complete Cider Making Instructions

The 8-gallon fermenting bucket is designed with a spacious opening to facilitate the fermentation process. Additionally, the kit comes with an adhesive thermometer to monitor the temperature, an airlock to protect the cider during fermentation, and a one-step no-rinse cleanser to ensure cleanliness and sanitation.

Our Guide to Making Hard Cider

The inclusion of complete cider making instructions provides a clear, step-by-step guide, making the brewing experience enjoyable and hassle-free. This kit is tailored to bring the joy of cider making into the home, offering a user-friendly approach to crafting a personalized batch of hard cider.

 Whether you're looking to explore a new hobby or refine your brewing skills, this kit serves as an ideal starting point for creating your own hard cider.

How To Make Hard Cider


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