Boomchugalug Emergency Supply Kit


Break in Case of a Brewing Emergency!

It's midnight, you've just chilled your wort, and you reach for your packet of yeast only to discover that you left it on the counter in the kitchen.   Then you discover that someone actually cleaned the kitchen.   You check the trash bin only to realize that for the first time ever, one of your kids took the trash out without being asked.    You think to yourself 'Maybe I can go outside and look in the trash bin it will be right on top'   So you grab your flash light and head out into the darkness.   As you lift the cover from the trash you see the reflection of a pair of eyes, and discover that  the raccoon who taken up residence there isn't too happy to see you.  What's more he's got your yeast packet between his teeth and he isn't going to give it up easily.

Perhaps there is an easier way?

The Boomchugalug Emergency Supply Kit  is just what you need!

Packed with useful and commonly used brewing supplies, it can make having to wrestle a rabid mammal for your brewing supplies a thing of the past.

Our Emergency Kit contains;

(1)   ENGLISH Dried Yeast Packets

(1)   CALI Dried Yeast Packets

(1)    Champagne  yeast packets

(144)   Standard Bottle Caps

(2)      Large Muslin Bags

(2)      Small Muslin Bags

(2)    5 oz Bags - Priming Sugar

1 oz Bittering hops (Columbus)

2 oz Aroma hops  ( Citra & Mosaic)