Bloozie Doozie Blueberry Wheat Beer All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

*Require advanced brewing equipment

Doozy of a Blueberry Sensation!

Recipe Style: Blueberry Wheat Beer All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

You have selected an all-grain beer recipe. To brew this recipe, you will require advanced brewing equipment for mashing, sparging, boiling and cooling. 

What does this beer taste like? 
It would be better if you tasted it, but until then, you can just imagine how good it tastes. Our Bloozie Doozie Blueberry Wheat Extract Recipe Kit has a subtly sweet and refreshing taste with a fruity blueberry flavor that blends well with the wheat beer's crisp malty notes. The blueberry flavor adds a pleasant fresh fruitiness that enhances the beer's overall drinkability. The wheat malt base provides a creamy texture with a smooth caramel note. Overall, Bloozie Doozie Blueberry Wheat Beer is a delicious and refreshing brew that is perfect for any occasion, particularly during the warmer months. 

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 13

And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....

Before we talk taste, let's review the serving instructions for this exemplary homebrew. First, center your pint on the bar top and grasp that bottle firmly. Now, steady yourself and begin the pour. But what is happening? As you watch this luscious, reddish-amber elixir bubble up your pint, you can feel the perspiration beading on your forehead as your psyche is becoming unglued. Forget about that trembling in your hand as you raise that pint to your nose, your very consciousness hinges upon that rocky head and the provocative lure of fresh fruits that annihilate all restraint as you pour that pint upon your palate and flood your senses with creamy wheat goodness and sweet baked caramel all wrapped up in blueberry muffins! And by now if you haven't already collapsed in joy upon the floor, then you'll realize that it's gonna be one doozy of an affair with this perfect pint!

All About Fruit Beer

Fruit beer is a catch-all category for beers that incorporate fruit as a prominent flavor or aroma component. These beers can range from light, refreshing brews to complex, full-bodied beers with a wide range of flavors and aromas. Some examples of fruit beers include cherry wheat beer, and raspberry lambic.

The flavor of Fruit Beer depends on the specific fruit or spice used in the brewing process. Some fruits, like raspberries or cherries, can impart a sweet, tart, or slightly acidic flavor, while others, like oranges or lemons, can add a citrusy or zesty note to the beer. When brewing fruit beers, it is common to use natural fruit flavors, which impart the fruit flavor without tartness from the fruits' acids.

Fruit Beer can be challenging to brew due to the delicate balance required between the fruit flavor, the malt, and hop character. When done well, these beers can be incredibly flavorful and complex, with a wide range of aromas and flavors that make them a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts.