1/2" ID Silicone High Temperature Tubing



Silicone tubing is generally considered to be the best tubing available for all fermentation activities.  Silicone is an inert food-grade elastomer, so it is both tasteless and odorless.  In addition, silicone has an amazing working temperature range from -100°F (let’s face it – your beer’s not going to get this cold) up to 500°F (better wear safely glasses for that!), so you’ll most likely never find yourself in a situation where you can’t use it.  Silicone tubing has a translucent appearance, which makes it easy to see your beloved beverage moving along its journey.  Silicone has superior mechanical properties as well.  It is kink resistant, and it slides easily both onto and off of hose barbs without slippage or leaking.

 Product Details

  • 1/2" Inner Diameter
  • 3/4" Outer Diameter
  • Non-braided for low pressure operation
  • Burst pressure: 30 psi at 70°F

Our tubing is sold by-the-foot, and we will cut your line to a single, continuous length to the quantity you choose below.