Hocus Pocus Citra Mosaic IPA All Grain Beer Recipe Kit


*Require advanced brewing equipment

A Magical Pint of Citra & Mosaic Great Taste!

Recipe Style: IPA All Grain Beer Recipe Kit 

You have selected an all-grain beer recipe. To brew this recipe, you will require advanced brewing equipment for mashing, sparging, boiling and cooling.

ABV: 7%
IBU: 55


What does this beer taste like?

Our Hocus Pocus Citra Mosaic IPA All Grain Beer Recipe Kit is a deliciously hoppy and citrusy beer with a bold and refreshing taste. The initial taste is a burst of juicy citrus flavors, followed by a smooth and slightly bitter finish. The hops impart a distinct aroma of tropical fruit and pine, which enhances the overall flavor profile. It's a perfect balance of hop fruitiness and hoppy bitterness that will leave you craving for more.

And now for the possibly funny, possibly serious, possibly irreverent flowery description....

Dim the lights, wave your hands over that crystal ball, utter those two enchanted words, and wait for the magic to happen".... But hocus and pocus are not the spellbinding words spoken here. We're talking Citra and Mosaic, and these two magical hops go together like yin and yang, pork chops and applesauce, and bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe! This deep-golden IPA is like a roll-call of good taste in your glass, with the citrus, lime, grapefruit and passionfruit of Citra frolicing with the fresh pine, blueberry, mango and citrus of Mosaic to massage your tastebuds with a magical melange of deliciousness! So turn that tarot card and roll them bones of divination, for in your future we see a frosty pint of Citra and Mosaic hocus pocus!

All About American IPA

American IPA is a popular beer style that originated in the United States having evolved from its British counterpart. This style is characterized by a strong hop aroma, high hop bitterness, and a moderate to high alcohol content. The beer typically has a golden to copper color and a medium to full body. It can also have a creamy, frothy head with good retention.

A key characteristic of American IPA is its use of American hops, which impart distinct flavors and aromas such as citrus, pine, and resin. These hops are added at different stages during the brewing process, with some added during the boil and others added during fermentation. This gives the beer the prized complex and layered hop profile that IPA lovers are looking for.

American IPA also has a clean and crisp finish, which is achieved by using the proper yeast strain and carefully controlling the fermentation process. The beer can have a dry or slightly sweet finish, depending on the specific recipe and brewing techniques used. American IPA is a bold and flavorful beer that has become perhaps the most popular craft beer style in the United States today.