Roll Out The Barrel Oktoberfest Ale Extract Recipe Kit


A barrel of delicious fun in your stein!

ABV:  5.6
IBU:  21

The coming of fall represents more than just the changing of seasons.  It is the perfect time for an Oktoberfest celebration, and to keep the taps flowing of this delicious golden lager, we need to roll out many a barrel.  And yes, we’ll admit that during these festivities, perhaps we’ve been guilty of “slight” overindulgence.  So in the interest of public safely, we want to offer some barrel-rolling safety tips.  First and (duh) foremost, don’t roll it over your foot.  Second, don’t roll it over your wiener (ouch!), unless of course you’re going for that schnitzel look.  Third, don’t roll it over your friend—especially if he is holding your beer.  If he’s holding his own beer, then you should make a quick evaluation if this is a good YouTube moment.  And while you’re struggling to press the video record on your cell phone screen, take a moment to reflect upon this lovely golden lager swigging in greedy gulps over your palate, for this beer is rich and clean, with elegant maltiness highlighted with bready and toasty flavors that finishes balanced and dry, which only encourages another greedy gulp.  And don’t worry.  As you’ve struggled with your impaired vision to tap your record button, that barrel which has now rolled downhill—causing a frantic scattering of guests—has been recorded on at least a dozen cell phones.  Cheers!