Briess Carabrown Malt




Carabrown Malt is a lightly roasted malt that can be thought of as a light brown malt.  As such, it delivers smooth and slightly sweet malty flavors as well as an assortment of lightly toasted notes, including nutty, biscuity and graham cracker flavors.  Carabrown malt works great in all beer styles where those delectable toasty notes are desired, such as ambers, browns, stouts and porters.  Carabrown also works great in other traditional styles like Bock, British bitter, mild, Oktoberfest, pale ale and Scotch Ale.

Grain Ordering Notes

If you order the same grain in both pound and ounce quantities, then we will automatically package the combined total in a single bag.

If you are buying several different types of grain for a custom recipe and you would like us to combine them into a single bag, then upon checkout, in the “CUSTOMER NOTES” box, you can instruct us to combine all grains in a single bag.