Bourbon Barrel Barleywine All Grain


*Require advanced brewing equipment

A vanilla and bourbon spiritual excursion!

ABV:  11.1
COLOR:  15
IBU:  75

You have selected an all-grain beer recipe. to brew this recipe, you will require advanced brewing equipment for mashing, sparging, boiling and cooling.

From behind the row of bourbon barrels, shrouded lamps exude an amber glow and cast ghostly shadows up the stone walls of the earthen cellar, and upon a sturdy barrelhead, between the bottle rings and the charcoal script of ancient brandings sits a coppery beverage of such enchantment that between the creaking of wooden staves and the aura of the angels’ share, you know the spirits still live in this place.  And you raise that snifter through the heavy air to your nose, where the bouquet engages your senses with spice and wood, and upon your tongue, this ancient ale swirls thick in deliberate eddies, unleashing flavors of such unfathomable complexity that your senses struggle to contain that manifestation within comprehension.  For between the tug-of-war of that beverage’s subtle chill and the alcohol’s soothing warmth, you are indulged with full, rich malts and velvety caramel, which mingles elegantly between the fruit and spice of hop bitterness and the spellbinding release of bourbon-vanilla.  Your snifter embodies the spirits of this place, so acknowledge their presence with this gorgeous beverage, and serve it neat.