blichmann therminator backflush hose assembly



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The Blichmann Therminator™ Backflush Hose Assembly is the perfect tool for backflushing your Therminator™ after each use.  The backflush assembly features two feet of braided, high-pressure tubing with a standard brass garden hose connector on one end.  The other end features a 1/2" Blichmann QuickConnector with a 1/2" NPT fitting which connects directly to the "WORT OUT" port on the Therminator.  By thoroughly backflushing your Therminator™ with water after each use, you can make sure no hops or malt remain within the chiller, which could lead to contaminations on future brews.

 Product Details:

  • 2 feet of braided, high pressure hose
  • Standard female brass garden hose connection on one end
  • Blichmann QuickConnector with a female 1/2" NPT connector on the opposite end
  • Silicone grips remain cool to the touch
  • Ribbed grips allow quick, comfortable, tool-free operation
  • Silicone O-ring seal is retained for perfect positioning but is easily cleaned or replaced
  • Fits all male 1/2" NPT fittings