Beverage Tubing - 3/16" Inner Diameter Oxygen Barrier


Oxygen barrier for maximum freshness!

Unlike standard beverage tubing, oxygen barrier tubing is specially designed to prevent gasses from diffusing directly through the tubing wall.  In practice, this prevents oxygen from the air from diffusing through the tubing and oxidizing the beer.  These oxidized flavors of stale beer can be particularly noticeable in long lengths of beer line, especially after the beer has sat in the tubing for a day or more.  Oxygen barrier tubing is designed to minimize oxidative damage to beer in the beverage tubing.

Our 3/16" inner diameter oxygen barrier beverage tubing is a thick-walled, food-grade pressure tubing specially formulated for beer draft lines for either commercial or home-brewed beer kegs.  Our pressure tubing features a super smooth bore that promotes a laminar, non-turbulent flow, which leads to a low foaming pour.  In addition, the tubing is super flexible, even when cold, but the tubing continues to offer excellent kink resistance at any temperature.  Finally, the crystal-clear food-grade vinyl construction has superior taste protection properties.

Our tubing is sold by-the-foot, and we will cut your line to a single, continuous length to the quantity you choose below.