Black Jack Pumpkin Stout All Grain


*Require advanced brewing equipment

A pumpkiny black terror of delight!

ABV:  6.9
COLOR:  50
IBU:  22

You have selected an all-grain beer recipe. to brew this recipe, you will require advanced brewing equipment for mashing, sparging, boiling and cooling.

All Hallows Eve, and the wispy clouds sweep across the full moon that had outlined the globular shapes in the pumpkin patch, but a sinister feeling floats about the air, and you know something wicked is waiting for you in those shadows.  For your gaze has met those flickering, fiery eyes that emanate from that hollow core of a beverage so black that you’re certain it will offer you no mercy.  Your first sip pacifies you with coffee-like roastiness all swaddled in mocha deliciousness, but don’t be deceived by the creamy caramel sweetness flickering on your tongue, for there is something hidden in that blackness, and it’s the unmistakable assault of pumpkin that at first appeases your senses with velvety goodness before unleashing the heartless vehemence of pumpkin pie spice!  So, wary dweller, terror is the theme of this chilling, dark eve, and whether your fears reside in what’s hiding under your bed or those shadowy substances that go thump in the night, your real terror will be the encounter of an empty pint!


Please note: the recipe kit includes the can of pumpkin.  If you do not need it, you may remove it from the options below.