Infuckingcredible Hazy IPA Extract Beer Recipe Kit


Not Just Incredible, Infuckingcredible!

Original Gravity: 1.063
Final Gravity: 1.014
ABV: 6.3%
Color: 6 SRM
IBU: 20
Ready In: 4 Weeks
Starter: Optional
2 Stage: Recommended

Your spouse just said you've been spending too much time cleaning the gutters and that you should really be parked on your ass in front of the television, drinking beer and watching the game"....whatevs. Your boss just told you that you do not have to work through the entire weekend on the Johnson proposal, and he admitted that you were right and that he is indeed a putz"....yawn. You've just won an all-expenses-paid around the world trip to be the lotion (pick one: boy / girl) for the (pick one: women's / men's) Swedish bikini team"....snore. That hazy, beautiful beer in the pint before you is golden like the sun, cool like a spring morning and hoppy like a hallucinogenic dream state, with the flavors of tropical fruits, bright citrus and forest pine rising up through that cloud in tiny Champagne-like bubbles to tickle your nose in a celebration of humulone glee"....infuckingcredible!