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Who Dat Party Cat Citra Saison

Like Whoa! A Too Cool In-Your-Face Citra Saison!

Original Gravity:  1.055
Final Gravity:  1.006
ABV:  6.4%
Color:  6 SRM
IBU:  33
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  Optional
2 Stage:  Helpful With Dry Hopping

You’re a hep cat and a sly dog.  You’re hip to the grove and down with the clown, and you’re big on chillax and long on whatevs—and when you wanna cold one, you want the cool jazz of a crisp saison, with its fruity nose and long dry finish—but that ain’t enough for your dee-lish.  No man, what you need is da bomb—and boom goes the dynamite—this brew is an in-your-face explosion of Citra hops, so that when the dust settles, you’re left with a frosty brew of nothing but cool.  And in the eve when you beat feet to that brew haha, all them suckas will see you and say, “Like whoa!  Who dat party cat?”


Priming Option