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What-a-Sap Maple Brown Ale

A bronze-brown maple nutty bombshell!

2 Stage:  No
ABV:  7.7
Color:  27
Final Gravity:  1.008
IBU:  20
Original Gravity:  1.066
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  No

We're not going to say you're a nitwit, but given the choice between that fizzy yellow sissy beer in front of you and this bronze bombshell of a brown ale, well—we'd like to think you'd make the right choice. I mean, only a blockhead would pass over this luscious, malty, magical brew that pampers the taste buds with rich caramel, toffee and mocha-like toastiness, only to be buoyed with the wholesome taste of maple. Indeed, only a bona fide bonehead would opt for that namby-pamby pantywaist beer. So do some soul-searching and don't be a sap. That's right, grab yourself another pint of this brunette beauty, and you'll look better in everyone's eyes!



Please note: this recipe ships with all ingredients except maple syrup.  You will require 53 fl oz of maple syrup to brew this recipe.


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