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Thunderbolts & Lightning Imperial Apricot IPA

Thunderbolts of apricot & hop explosions upon your tongue!

ABV:  8.1
Original Gravity:  1.076
Final Gravity:  1.014
IBU:  85
Color:  9
Ready In:  8 Weeks
Starter:  Recommended
2 Stage:  Recommended

One summery afternoon while relaxing beneath a shady tree and contemplating the bubbles rising in your glass, you heard a snap, and then when WHAMOO!  You were bonked on the noggin with a falling apricot!  But instead of seeing stars, you saw lightning, and in a moment’s genius you discovered the law of iso-apri-delish-iosi-ism, which is long-haired gobbledygook for, “Holy s#%t, Hop Boy!  This amped-up imperial apricot IPA is mo#%erf*&king, a$$k*&%ing awesome!" (Censor's note: we apologize for any sudden outbursts of profanity.  Research reports that apricot-bonked inspiration stirs the depths of rabid, hop-psychotic intellectualism.)  Who would’ve guessed that the juicy ripeness of apricot married with hop-flavor-explosion titillates the taste buds like Olympian gods hurling thunderbolts of yumminess upon your senses?  Well, brush the guessing aside, because with one sip you’ll be a believerexcept that you’ll glance down in disbelief at how you drained your glass with lightning speed!


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