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Three and Out Imperial Black IPA

Three downs to hop-blackout oblivion!

2 Stage:  Yes
ABV:  11
Color:  31
Final Gravity:  1.014
IBU:  95
Original Gravity:  1.097
Ready In:  10 Weeks
Starter:  Yes

The gridiron stretches before you in endless yards beneath the stadium lights as the grunting linebackers' steamy breaths return you to the reality of third-and-long and the impending blitz of roid-raging mountains of muscle. But now is not the time to begin dreaming of this post-game imperial black IPA, because at 11% alcohol, you'll immediately feel the comforting onslaught of the big maltiness in this ruggedly built black bomb, with its over-the-top hop bitterness defiantly challenging the backdrop of toasty caramel and refined roastiness in a foot race to a colossal hop-flavor finish. And as that play clock ticks down, your dream of that first down is overshadowed by your dream of this luscious brew—but either way, the impending onslaught of those muscle mountains or three pints of these bruising beauties will seal your fate as your consciousness fades to black.


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