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The Bolting Shire English Dark Mild

Roasty dark with all-day drinkability!

2 Stage:  No
ABV:  4
Color:  19
Final Gravity:  1.011
IBU:  23
Original Gravity:  1.042
Ready In:  4 Weeks
Starter:  No

Hoist a tankard and kick a firkin, because this dark, roasty ale will make you feel like you’re tossing darts in a countryside English pub. But why did the Shire bolt, you ask? Because your ale-inspired lousy toss sent the dart out the open window onto the shire’s ass! And while you watch the startled beast disappear down the road, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate its dusty departure, because this eminently quaffable pub style ale will satisfy your taste buds with roasty, nutty, caramel and toffee flavors, but at 3.8% alcohol, you can hoist these pints day long, which is fine, because it may take that long for that bolting shire to return.


Priming Option