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Summer Breeze Key Lime Golden Ale

A lime-filled sensation for the taste of the tropics!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  5.5%
Color:  4 SRM
IBU:  16
Original Gravity:  1.052
Final Gravity:  1.010
2 Stage:  Optional
Starter:  No
Ready In:  4 Weeks

The summer sun flickers behind the coconut palms as it begins its lazy descent towards that deep southern horizon, and a sea breeze saunters up the beach and tingles your skin as you do your best to melt into that softly swaying hammock.  But this vision of tropical paradise is missing an essential element, and that’s a frosty pint of this unbelievably thirst quenching golden ale.  It’s not enough that the cold condensation will run down your arm as this velvety, ice-cold brew will glide over your tongue to soothe your deepest senses.  No, this malty-smooth golden ale will settle your soul firmly in that tropical wonder with the refreshing taste of natural Key lime.  So whether you’re looking for a taste of the tropics or simply a pint of that Key West sun, indulge yourself with this refreshing, citrusy delight, and get yourself back to the effort of melting into that softly swaying hammock!


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