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Sticky Paws Honey Wheat

An amazing amber honey wheat!

2 Stage:  No
ABV:  7.1
Color:  10
Final Gravity:  1.01
IBU:  14
Original Gravity:  1.064
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  No

This alluring American wheat is amber like wholesome honey, so it's no surprise that you've gotten your hand caught in the honey pot again. Now you've got sticky paws, but what better a way to wash up than to imbibe in this delectable honey wheat? Even the name sounds wholesome, and your tongue will agree, because your senses will be abuzz with the creamy wheat goodness and smooth malty caramel hosting the delicious seam of honey. And though this brew sports an ear-buzzing 7.1% alcohol, you'll be astounded at this ale's remarkable drinkability. So while you're pondering that thought, with your eyes flitting about like bees, don't get your head stuck in the honey pot!


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