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  • allgrain
Stars & Stripes American IPA

Malty, bitter, hoppy with awesome drinkability!

Original Gravity:  1.061
Final Gravity:  1.010
ABV:  6.4%
Color:  8 SRM
IBU:  43
Ready In:  6 Weeks
2 Stage:  Optional but helpful
Starter:  Optional but always a good idea!

Imagine the ol’ Stars & Stripes wavering in the wind while you grasp a cold beaded glass of this velvety American IPA. While some IPAs will annihilate your tongue like a nail-studded steamroller, this malty, toasty homebrew will delight you with its drinkable balance between hop bitterness and the citrusy-floral allure of Centennial hops. One sip and you’ll be a patriot for life!


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