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South-of-the-Border Mexican Thirst Quencher Ale

Make a run for the ultimate lawnmower beer!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
Original Gravity:  1.043
Final Gravity:  1.008
ABV:  4.6%
Color:  3 SRM
IBU:  15
Ready In:  4 Weeks
Starter:  No
2 Stage:  No

Hola, desperado.  The sun blazes hot and the wind whips dry, and you are on the run from the sheriff, who is hunting you down for the first-degree murder of your lawnmower.  That’s right—between the dust, sun, noise, and your overwhelming desire for the ultimate lawnmower beer—you snapped and went medieval on that poor machine with a baseball bat.  So where better to run than south-of-the-border, where the white sands and swaying palms welcome you with an icy chest full of this superlative thirst quencher. You’ve found your happy place, where “mano-a-mano” translates as “hand with lime slice places that juicy wedge on rim of beer glass in other hand”.  So take a hearty swig of this icy beauty and applaud your decision to murder your lawnmower, because you’ve outrun the law, and now you relax in the shade on your hammock in your paradise south-of-the-border.


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