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Sons of Liberty Winter Ale

Patriotically amber, mildly spiced & yummy! ------- Clone of Samuel Adams Winter Lager

ABV:  5.6%
Color:  20 SRM
Original Gravity:  1.056
Final Gravity:  1.013
IBU:  22
Ready In:  6 Weeks
2 Stage:  Optional
Starter:  Optional

Ah, it’s a blustery winter's eve in revolutionary Boston, but you’re not caught up in the season’s festivities because, quite frankly, it’s freakin’ cold and central heating has not yet been invented and your ass is frozen to a rickety wooden bench!  So what are you supposed to do?  You might say pick lice from your powdery white wig, but the correct answer is to hoist a couple tankards of this festive winter ale.  Its lovely amber hue will lift your spirits high as the rich malt and caramel flavors ingratiate your tongue with its delectable smoothness.  But hark!  What are those delightful flavors that so elegantly tickle your taste buds?  Alas, this winter warmer is so delicately spiced with cinnamon, orange and ginger that it will intrigue your senses and warm your heart so perhaps some of that heat will migrate down and help to thaw your frozen ass!


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