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Salivator Dopplebock

Good enough to make you drool!

2 Stage:  Yes
ABV:  8.4
Color:  18
Final Gravity:  1.02
IBU:  26
Original Gravity:  1.084
Ready In:  12 Weeks
Starter:  Yes

Okay, so you finally consider yourself cured of your dreaded affliction known as dribblechin. Very good, then. Shall we do a word association? Fine, now repeat after me. "Rich and entrapping maltiness." Any problems? No? Now say, "Rocky and immovable head blanketing the big, full-bodied, ruby-highlighted, deep brown lager." Ahem. You're dripping. What's that you say? You're fine? Ready to continue? All right, try this one: "Creamy and warming goodness unraveling aromatic toastiness, sweet kettle caramel and an ever-so-slight embrace of chocolate." Oh, for crying-out-loud! You're beyond needing a bib, and a face-diaper won't work. We're gonna need some manmade wonder like the Hoover Dam to contain your embarrassing disorder for delicious beer, you hopeless salivator!


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