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Rathskeller Kolsch

Like sunshine in your glass!

2 Stage:  No
ABV:  5.1
Color:  3
Final Gravity:  1.009
IBU:  26
Original Gravity:  1.048
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  No

The sun burns bright in that cloudless blue sky, and the unusual summer swelter stirs mirages over the Rhine, and with the first beads of perspiration on your brow, you escape the heat by descending the stone stairs underground and ducking into the rasthskeller, where the refreshing cool air washes over your face.  At your table you are immediately served a tall, narrow stange of this delightful Kölsch, and with the light beaming down from the street-level windows, it’s as though you’re holding a glass of sunshine.  A subtle though welcoming aroma flitters over the creamy white head, greeting you with delicate fruitiness and noble hops, and your first, refreshing sip delivers soft, clean maltiness that fills your mouth with a crisp tang and eminently balanced noble hop bitterness.  And as you place your empty stange upon the table and are immediately served another, you gaze upon that golden beauty and you realize you are beholding liquid satisfaction.


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