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Pumpy Ghost Caramel Nut Brown Pumpkin Ale

Ghostly mischievousness haunting your tastes with nutty caramel, vanilla and pumpkin!

Original Gravity:  1.055
Final Gravity:  1.012
ABV:  5.7%
IBU:  20
Color:  18 SRM
Ready In:  5 Weeks
Starter:  No
2 Stage:  No

Could those winds be ominous that sweep blackened clouds across the moon, or is it simply your imagination that confounds your senses as your footsteps seek safe passage along those earthen, hillside rows?  But now that you are safe back in your cottage, is your mind still consumed with chimeral fantasies, or has some mischievous sprite followed you home from the pumpkin patch on this dark, hallows eve?  For those rattling chains and those tickling tendrils working up your spine are merely foreshadowing the whispers that are hypnotically beckoning you from your empty pint.  But don’t worrytonight’s haunt is benevolent and seeks only to treat your senses to out-of-this-world flavor.  You see that alluring brown nectar rising in your glass, with the rollicking bubbles forming a lovely head that lures you with aromas so enticing that your pint raises as if by invisible fingers to your lips, where your senses are treated to an enchanted brew of soft, silken malt and nutty, roasty goodness.  But what flavors are these that permeate your spirit from this brew’s dark and sprightly depths?  Indeed, it is not otherworld trickeryyou are encountering the velvety exchange of natural caramel and vanilla, all caressed with ephemeral fingers and the flavor of pumpkin pie.  Oh, hello pumpy ghost.



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