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PinaColadaVille Cream Ale

A PiƱa Colada Tropical Bliss!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
Original Gravity:  1.052
Final Gravity:  1.013
ABV:  5.1%
Color:  5 SRM
IBU:  16
2 Stage:  Optional
Starter:  Optional
Ready In:  4 Weeks

There exists a magical place burrowed deep in your imagination where the coconut palms sway in the breeze and the Calypso drummer taps out that tropical tune on the steel drums, and your worries of the day simply melt away like footsteps in the sand wiping clean with the ebbing tide of that miraculously blue sea.  We call this place PiñaColadaVille, and it is the foreverland of warm sand and eternal sunshine, where the condensation runs clean down your frosty pint of this enchantingly golden ale, which is soft, smooth and creamy and dances with the hypnotic rhythm of coconut and the delightful zing of pineapple, tickling your tongue and lightening your senses so that you are transported to this dreamy land without a care in the world to relax evermore in your own personal PiñaColadaVille.


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